Client Services


Plan Design

  • Customized pension and profit sharing plans to fit the financial and benefit objectives of the employer.
  • On an ongoing basis, updating plan provisions to keep up with the changing law and benefit environment.

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Document Preparation

  • Use of full array of PCI sponsored prototypes.
  • Preparation of individually drafted plans to fulfill special needs of the employer, if necessary.
  • Filing plans with the IRS, if required.
  • Creation of the Summary Plan Description (SPD) to be given to the plan participants. The SPD not only meets the requirements of the Department of Labor, but also provides an explanation to the employee that is easily understood.

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  • With on-staff actuaries, administrators and availability of the PCI documents, no part of the actuarial or administrative services needs to be outsourced.
  • Allocation and actuarial reports summarizing plan provisions assets, participants and/or actuarial information in support of allowable or required contributions.
  • Summary of trust activity.
  • Participant statements, where requested.
  • Annual reporting forms (Form 5500 et al) as required by the IRS and DOL.
  • Filing of plan terminations for approval with the appropriate government agency as well as assistance with distribution of assets.

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