Plan Types


We offer all design, document and administrative services for the following types of retirement plans.

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Highest tax deductible contributions 
The contributions for Cash Balance Plans are based on the employees’ ages, compensation, and employee classes. In general, the older owners or key employees are put into classes and receive a much larger contribution than other employees. This is the case even if the other employees are close in age to the owners.  Much more customization can be done with Cash Balance Plans than other plans.  This Plan is able to provide significant benefits for owners or key employees for virtually any size company from 2 employees to over 500 employees.
Highest tax deductible contribution generally owner only plans
The contributions for Defined Benefit Plans are calculated based on the owners’ ages and compensation (or compensation history). The older the owner and the higher the compensation (up to IRS compensation limits), the larger the contribution allowed for the owner. Defined Benefit Plans are utilized most often for owner-only companies.
Allows employees to contribute to a plan for their retirement
A 401(k) Plan allows employees to defer pretax or Roth (after-tax) dollars for their own retirement savings. These plans can be set up with or without an employer match and, in addition to a match, can allow a discretionary employer profit sharing contribution each year.
Maximum flexibility in employer contributionAllows customized contribution levels among classes of employees
The contributions for Cross-Tested Plans are based on the employees’ ages, compensation, employee classes, and the percent of contribution decided by the employer.  Much more individual customization can be accomplished with Cross-Tested Plans.  These plans are also operated in conjunction with a Cash Balance Plan in order for both plans to pass nondiscrimination testing.

Illustration note: The numbers of participants included in the illustrations were limited for simplicity and comparability. However, all of the plans are able to serve from one to hundreds of participants.